Listed below are typical examples of questions we have received regarding the SVFlux software. Please do not hesitate to email us directly if you have further questions.

Q: What method does SVFlux use to solve the seepage equation?
A: SVFlux uses the Galerkin Integral method with a non-linear Newton-Raphson Iteration technique with preconditioning of the convergence matrix.

Q: What is the primary advantage of SVFlux over other seepage software?
A: The primary advantage is the speed at which you are able to solve complex 2D or 3D seepage problems. Conventional software forces the user to spend days and weeks inputting an entire finite element or finite difference grid into the computer. The grid generation and refinement is all automatic in SVFlux therefore the time for solution of a typical problem is significantly reduced.

Q: What computers will SVFlux run on?
A: SVFlux will run on all computers with the Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000 operating systems.

Q: Can water flux be calculated through certain sections of the problem?
A: Yes - The amount of water flux through any section of a 2D problem may be computed. In 3D, the user has a choice of computing water flux across a feature or across a surface.

Q: What testing has been performed to ensure the accuracy of SVFlux?
A: The solver used by SVFlux has been the subject of two Master's level thesis' in which results of typical seepage problems were compared to another commercially available seepage package. The comparison indicated that the solver used by SVFlux provided essentially identical results while offering several advantages such as automatic mesh generation and refinement. Further details regarding these studies may be obtained by contacting us.

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