SVFlux 3D Description

SVFlux 3D represents the ultimate in the 3D modeling of saturated and unsaturated groundwater flow. Our simple AutoCAD(TM) style CAD input module allows for creation of your model as a series of surfaces and layers. Soil properties may be input from laboratory data or selected from our database of laboratory data on over 6,000 soils.

Once the model is input our powerful finite element solver will take over. Mesh generation and refinement is fully automatic allowing you to focus on the solution and not on convergence problems.

Visualize the results of your analysis as contour plots of pressure or head as 2D slices through your problem. Move up to our visualization module for advanced plots including pathlines, transparency, cut-aways, isosurfaces, and animation.

Key Features:

  • AutoCAD(TM) style CAD input
  • Model saturated or unsaturated flow
  • Models stored in a database for later retrieval
  • Fully automatic mesh generation
  • Fully automatic mesh refinement
  • Fully automatic time-step refinement for transient problems
  • Contour plots of pressure/head
  • Advanced visualization including pathlines, pathlines, cut-aways, isosurfaces, and animation

Hardware Compatibility

SVFlux 3D is designed to run within Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Optimum performance of the software requires sufficient RAM and fast hard drive access times due to the memory intensive nature of databases. The following hardware platform is suggested.

  • Pentium 266
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 60 MB Hard Disk Storage
  • CD ROM Drive

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SVFLUX 2D Description
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SVFlux 3D Description
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